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parcel delivery service

Hiring a cab to transport from one place to another is one thing; the same hire to deliver the package is completely different. Apart from the difficulty of finding such a service provider, there is also the matter of trust. You may find some sailors willing to take your package, but how can you be sure that they will take you to the right place or that they will be delivered at all?

Fortunately, there are a few cable companies in Toronto that offer parcel delivery service. One such company is Toronto Limo Car service in Toronto. Our co-operative taxi company has a large number of cables run by highly trained, licensed drivers with extensive knowledge of the Greater Toronto Area as the back of their hands. You name a place and they will take you or your parcel there easily.

Having been in the taxi business since 1990, we know that good work ethic and passenger safety are the two most important ingredients for success in this business. And Toronto Limo Car Services freight delivery service is a good proof of that. So now that you know you can hire a Toronto cab to deliver the package, you must be wondering how much it costs to send a package or item from one part of Toronto to another by taxi. Here are the prices:

Accompanying packages:

There is no fixed fee for accompanying packages, and you are open to negotiating with your driver, depending on the size and weight of your item. You must agree on a price before the start of the trip.

Unaccompanied parcels, documents and other items: For small parcels, documents and other items that do not live in a large area, we charge a small fare for each trip, which is $ 10 …..or meter rates will apply.

Our parcel delivery service is the easiest and fastest way to get your parcel across the city. Rent a Toronto cab from us to make sure your parcel is picked up and delivered on time. So the next time you wish to bring a package to Toronto, whether it fits or not, remember Toronto Limo Car Service. You can easily book the service by phone or on our website.